It’s a little difficult to say what I overall thought of Prometheus since it was one of my most anticipated movies of the summer.

The movie is about a team of space explorers who   discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth which lead them to an unallocated  area  in another solar system.  There, not everything goes as planned and horror ensues. 

For what I thought the film had the potential to be (most notably because of it being related to Alien, and that it was yet again directed by Scott) I felt that this was a bit of a let down.   It’s not nessicarily  a bad movie and it’s not an okay movie, it’s actually better than that.

The cinematography is beautiful here.  Ridley Scott’s directing is very impressive and fairly well done.  The acting is actually on a par with Alien!  It is a very enjoyable movie.  There are some remarkably original gross scenes that play back to the previous films which was definitely pleasing to see.
What this movie lacks, however, is a better script.  There are countless unanswered questions we are left with at the end which summed it up to a pretty unsatisfying and (frankly) confusing ending.  Then again…I actually wouldn’t mind watching this again.